Controlled Biologics

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Some biologics and agents, even those that are commonly used in the laboratory or contained in BioSafety Level 2 labs, are highly controlled under U.S. export control regulations. While these biologics can generally be used on-campus to facilitate student, staff, and faculty research, the export of these biologics usually requires an export license.

Prior to exporting any biologics and/or agents, please consult the below list(s). If the biologic or agent is listed, please contact the Office of Export Controls. We will assist you with obtaining an export license and also assist with the related paperwork. Export licenses generally take 6+ weeks to obtain (or more), so advance notice will help facilitate your proposed exports.

For more information, please visit the Chemical and Biological Controls section of the U.S. Department of Commerce – Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS)‘ website.

The FIU Environmental Health and Safety Office also provides extensive information and assistance relating to controlled biologics and agents. Please contact their office for regulations/requirements that may apply in addition to export controls.