Cleared Facilities and Personnel

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FIU maintains a U.S. facility security clearance to support FIU faculty who wish to perform work which requires a security clearance (i.e. “classified work”). Classified work is by definition also subject to export controls under the ITAR. No individual may access classified research or information without approval from the U.S. government, the FIU Facility Security Officer (FSO), and Export Control.

FIU facilities and laboratories that perform classified research are subject to strict controls on access by all individuals (both U.S. and foreign persons). These facilities may not be accessed without specific permission and appropriate approvals.

FIU personnel who currently hold or wish to hold a U.S. security clearance must complete a lengthy application and review process, administered by the U.S. government. Note that this process typically takes at 12-18 months at minimum; FIU faculty who wish to perform classified work or add personnel to a classified project should plan accordingly. For assistance in obtaining or maintaining a security clearance, or for more information on the FIU Facility Security program, please contact the FIU Facility Security Officer (“FSO”), Greg Hughley.