Receive Money or Other Gifts from a Foreign Individual or Entity

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Donations of money, items, and services are highly valued at FIU. Before accepting a donation, University personnel must ensure that the donation complies with U.S. export regulations. Specifically, OFAC regulations govern the transfer of money, items, and services both to and from restricted parties and sanctioned countries. While most donations will not be affected, some transactions are prohibited. Before facilitating a donation from a foreign person or international entity, faculty and staff should work with FIU Foundation Advancement Services and Export Control to ensure that the donation complies with export regulations and University policy.

Note: If you are contacted by Huawei, Futurewei, a Huawei subsidiary, and/or ZTE regarding a proposed gift, please contact Export Control immediately. As these are restricted or highly sensitive entities, Export Control will work closely with the faculty member, the related Unit, and Advancement Services to determine what level of engagement can move forward without violating export regulations.