Host a Visiting Scholar

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FIU hosts a number of international scholars each year from around the world.

All visiting international scholars must be invited by a FIU faculty member; in addition, the FIU faculty member must follow the institutional application process in its entirety. International scholars must meet certain specifications in order to participate in the J1 visa program. Visit the FIU Global website to learn these requirements. International scholars will not be allowed to visit the United States until their applications are complete and approved by Export Control, FIU Global, and the Federal government.

Faculty hosts should notify FIU Global and Export Control as soon as possible of their intention to invite or recruit a potential J-1 visa candidate or an existing J-1 visa holder (who wishes to transfer from another institution). As an initial step, Restricted Party Screening (“RPS”) will be performed on both the potential candidate and their home/affiliated institution(s), by either FIU Global or Export Control. This screening helps determine whether the individual is a restricted or prohibited individual, and/or if their home/affiliated institution(s) is a restricted entity. By performing the screening at the beginning of the process, in the event that there is an actual screening match at the individual level, the issue would be caught before engaging the visa support process. If there is a match with respect to the J-1’s affiliated international institution, this will provide time for Export Control to determine the relative risk associated with having an indirect connection to a restricted institution.

The University expects and requires all visiting scholars/scientists to abide by U.S. laws and regulations, including those related to export control. In order to prevent inadvertent violation of U.S. export controls, visiting scholars/scientists are not permitted to participate in export controlled, proprietary or confidential research programs without explicit authorization from FIU Export Control, FIU Global, and the Dean of the associated unit.

For more information about what is required to host a visitor, please contact one of the following: