Collaborate With An International Party, Colleague or Entity

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International collaborations are very important to the global mission of FIU, and the Export Office strives to support these interactions by providing guidance on export regulations, shipping, and customs requirements. Before engaging in an international collaboration, individuals should assess the following:

  1. Will the research take place or involve a party in a sanctioned, embargoed, or other high risk country? More information on sanctions and embargoes can be found in the Embargoes & Sanctioned Countries section.
  2. Who are the parties involved? Are they restricted parties or end users?
  3. Does the collaboration in any way relate to defense applications, weapons, warfare, munitions, nuclear materials, and/or national intelligence?
  4. Is any related party a foreign government, military, or intelligence agency?
  5. Is any related party a domestic military or intelligence agency?
  6. Has any related party requested an MTA, NDA, and/or CDA in relation to the proposed collaboration?
  7. Will items (including information which is not already public or intended to be in the public domain) be shipped, taken, or otherwise transferred outside the United States?
  8. Does the collaboration involve international travel?
  9. Will the results of the collaboration be subject to any restrictions on dissemination?
  10. Will FIU receive any physical items, materials, biologics, software, and/or proprietary information from a collaborating party?

If you answer “yes” to any of the above questions, please contact the Export Office for assistance.